Top 7 Live Streaming Video Trends for 2017

Posted by Stéphane Roulland >

2016 was a big year for live streaming. Facebook Live launched, new technologies like 360° and VR live streaming were developed, and records were set for live stream viewership across the board. Here at DaCast, we’ve spent the last week reflecting on 2016. Based on that analysis, we’ve derived several predictions for this year. Here are […]

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When Should You Use HLS Streaming?

Posted by Max Wilbert >

There’s been a major shift happening in the world of online video over the last decade. Adobe’s Flash video technology, which had been the main method of delivering video via the internet, is rapidly declining. It’s being replaced by video delivered using protocols like HLS streaming and played in HTML5 video players. For users, this […]

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Important Infrastructure Upgrade to HTTPS Delivery

Posted by Elysia Shaw >

In cooperation with Akamai we are upgrading our infrastructure to provide secure HTTPS delivery of all HTML5 video content (this does not apply to Flash live channels). This upgrade will improve security and ensure compatibility with new browser technologies. During this industry-wide transitional period, we have ensured our player will be compatible with both HTTP and […]

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