Dacast Inc
1175 Folsom Street, 3rd Fl
San Francisco, CA 94103


Backend Engineer


Maintain and improve Angular JS back-office systems. Analyze and develop user experience functions including sign-up and onboarding of leads. Maintain and improve system integrations with third-party platforms. Develop code using the best-driven development approach and drive front-end migration to a React Stack. Develop video streaming platforms. Utilize and apply business intelligence and agile methodologies knowledge to engineering project management. Utilize and apply knowledge of web programming, Java object-oriented programming, and PHP/MySQL language. Test, maintain and monitor computer systems, including the installation of systems. Troubleshoot program and system malfunctions to restore normal functioning. Expand or modify computer systems to serve new purposes or improve workflow. Develop, document, and revise system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards. Define system goals and devise diagrams describing logical operational steps of programs. Analyze performance indicators to locate and correct code problems. Analyze computer system software or hardware needed to set up or alter systems. Analyze information processing or computation needs to plan and design computer systems using techniques such as structured analysis, data modeling, and information engineering.


Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems, or related or foreign equivalent.


  1. Business Intelligence and Agile Methodologies, 
  2. Engineering Project Management; and 
  3. Web Programming, Java Object-Oriented Programming, and PHP/MYSQL Language

Salary: $96,616 per year. 40 hours per week.
Job site: San Francisco, CA.
Interested candidates mail resume to c/o Mr. Greg Ellis,
DACAST, INC. at 1175 Folsom Street., San Francisco, CA 94103.