Copyright Protection for your Videos. Made Easy.

When you broadcast great content, you want to protect it. With Dacast’s Copyright Protection Made Easy feature, your wish comes true.Turn on the Digital Rights Management for video on demand option (DRM for VOD) when uploading a video and add an extra layer of protection to your content. Viewers are prevented from screen recording, ripping, or taking your content in any way.

Secure Your Digital Rights

When you distribute videos on demand to your network, it is essential to protect your digital rights. With Digital Rights Management (DRM), well-established technology is protecting your content against unauthorized distribution and access.

Deliver Premium Content

When you enable digital rights management on your videos, you add an extra layer of protection on top of the typical Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES encryption is used in software and hardware to encrypt sensitive data. DRM takes encryption to the next level. Using industry-standard protocols, your content is protected against unauthorized distribution and access.That means no one can record, rip, or steal your content and post it elsewhere online.

Stop Illicit Sharing & Protect Your Revenue Stream

When you create content for monetization, illicit content sharing devalues it. With Dacast’s DRM for VOD feature turned on, your content is secure from copying, ripping, and screen recording.That means people can’t illicitly steal your content, devaluing it. Your exclusive content will stay protected, allowing you to fully monetize your content.

Certified DRM Vendor

Dacast is a certified DRM vendor. Dacast receives this certification from Widevine and FairPlay. As a certified DRM vendor, Dacast has the ability to license, securely distribute, and protect the playback of your content on any consumer device. Once encrypted, your content is always protected.
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Expand Your Video-on-demand Capabilities with Copyright Protection.

Straightforward Payment
Enable DRM for your broadcast. Provide video-on-demand copyright-protected content. With DRM for VOD, your content-on-demand is protected from unauthorized access and distribution. Protect Your Revenue with Copyright Protection.

Your Content Is Protected

Provide educational content
Re-broadcast a sporting event with exclusive rights
Share music videos

Protect Broadcast Licensing Content

If you have secured the rights to broadcast licensed content, you need to demonstrate you can protect the content against copyright infringement. With DRM for VOD, you can demonstrate to your customers you can protect licensed content.With DRM for VOD, you can broadcast licensed content such as sports, tournaments, music videos, and cinematic content that has strict licensing terms and requires copyright protection.As a media and event producer, this will allow you to secure customers who want to work with you and enable you to broadcast their content. You can use Dacast’s DRM for VOD tools to show your customers you can protect their content. Our DRM for VOD protection can help you secure more customers for your media broadcasting and event business.

Protect Educational Content

When you invest time and resources into creating educational content, such as classes, seminars, personal development, and training content, you want to protect that content. With DRM for VOD, you can create educational content and trust the content is protected with our digital rights management system.Viewers can learn from your content, but they can’t screen record or steal your videos, allowing viewers to redistribute your videos as their own. Your educational content is safe when you turn on DRM for VOD. Your viewers can watch the content, but they can’t take it, allowing you to retain and protect the digital rights to the content you worked so hard to produce.

Share Concerts. Sporting Events. Product Launches. Conferences. Classes. Protect Everything.

In the digital age, one of the most prized types of content is educational content. People are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to access digital educational content. DRM for VOD allows you to protect the monetary value of your educational content, ensuring you are paid for the educational content you create.

Host Exclusive Conferences.

Putting on a conference is a lot of work. You have to create the agenda, coordinate speakers, and bring together attendees. DRM for VOD allows you to protect the value of tickets to your virtual conference and can help you attract top speakers who want to control how their presentations are shared.

You Created That Play. Now Show It and Protect It.

Putting on your play requires a lot of work, from the construction of the set to hiring the talent to perform. Protect the monetary value of any play or performance you broadcast for the low price of $49/hour.

Your Concert Should be Unique. Not copied.

Booked a musical event that requires you to have the means to copyright protect the broadcasts? Done! Just enable DRM for VOD for $49, and you can work with musical acts that want to work with your broadcasting company, and want to protect their musical performance

Cheer on Your Favorite Team.

Sporting organizations often require one to have the ability to copyright protect content before they will sign a broadcasting agreement. With DRM for VOD, you can show sporting organizations you have the ability to protect the copyright integrity of the broadcasts, allowing you to sign exclusive broadcasting deals.

Control How You Show Off New Products.

When launching a new product, control how information is released and shared about it. With DRM for VOD, you protect the conversation around your new product.

Why Should You Use Dacast’s Copyright Protection Made Easy Feature?

  • Affordable at $49/per hour
  • Protect content against theft
  • Broadcast licensed content
  • Protect monetization

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does copyright protection cost?
DRM for VOD is priced at an affordable $49/per hour. For only $49 per hour, no one can steal or use your content. No one else can monetize your content. With DRM for VOD, you protect the commercial value of your content for the low price of $49/hour.
Does copyright protection apply to live streams?
Copyright protection doesn’t apply to live broadcasts. It only applies to videos on demand. Copyright protection applies to both live broadcasts and videos on demand.
Does copyright protection only apply to videos on demand?
Copyright protection via DRM for VOD applies to videos on demand. We understand how valuable your content is, and with DRM for VOD, your content is always safe.You can enable DRM for VOD for your content on Dacast for only $49/hour. We understand how much time and effort you put into making your content, and we want to help you protect the monetary value of your content by preventing others from stealing it.
What does DRM stand for?
DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM is how you protect copyrights with digital media. Technology is used to greatly restrict the ability to copy your digital content, helping to protect your copyrighted work. DRM protects against modern piracy.
Why would I want to copyright protect my content?
Each video you share carries significant worth. Each video you create contains unique ideas and content. Each video holds monetary value. DRM for VOD ensures that others cannot pirate, steal, and profit from your content, passing it off as their own. Copyright protecting your content ensures that it stays your content alone to benefit from.

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