Mas Imagen Uses Dacast to Host Virtual and Hybrid Events

Mas Imagen Uses Dacast to Host Virtual and Hybrid Events

Mas Imagen started working with Dacast for a 5000-viewer event. The team felt that the live support from Dacast was key to this event’s success.

Mas Imagen offers three audiovisual solutions, including audiovisual equipment, video production, and video distribution (transmission).
Products Used
  • CDN
  • Live Streams
South America
>10 countries Audience Location
46,873 Plays
Mexico (41%) Engagement
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Mas Imagen is a Mexico City-based company that specializes in audiovisual production. This company provides professional FullHD equipment for broadcasting and production. Mas Imagen offers stability and competitive costs, which helps them provide a stellar experience and maintain long-term relationships.


Streaming is a process that Mas Imagen sells to its customers. Indeed, following COVID 19, they had to switch from focusing solely on in-person events to organizing mainly virtual events, otherwise they would run the risk of losing their customers.

As a result, Mas Engine was able to host numerous programs for Mexico and the whole of Latin America, 

With all these new products, Mas Imagen needs to distribute its content in different geographical regions.

Mas Imagen’s CEO says: “During the pandemic, borders seemed to have been pushed back, offering the opportunity to have direct contact with people through digital solutions.”

Ultimately, Mas Imagen needed a platform that gave them more control and provided reliable content delivery. In fact, they were looking for a partner rather than a service provider. They needed a transparent ally in terms of pricing, delivery and support.

During the pandemic, borders seemed to be pushed aside, which has offered the possibility of having direct contact with people through digital solutions.

Alejandro Mariles - CEO


To meet their video hosting needs, Mas Imagen turns to Dacast for several compelling reasons. 

Our platform ticked all their boxes. What’s more, they were enthusiastic about our reliable support team, which not only offered live rep support, but was complemented by detailed online documentation. They were pleasantly surprised to learn that we offered support from a dedicated team based in Latin America via WhatsApp rather than a bot, like other streaming services.

They started working with Dacast for an event with 5,000 viewers. The Mas Imagen team felt that Dacast’s live support was key to the event’s success. Having a fast, reliable contact in their native Spanish reassured them in their decision to partner with Dacast. 

Dacast also carried out customer tests which helped the Mas Imagen team to ensure that their streaming configuration was working properly before their event.

After the event, they decided to stay with Dacast as they had an “extremely positive experience” with our platform. They were also pleased that Dacast adapts and customizes the service to meet the specific needs of its customers without trying to upsell or offer add-ons.

>10 countries Audience Location
46,873 Plays
Mexico (41%) Engagement


Mas Imagen’s collaboration with Dacast has produced good results. The platform’s Spanish-language support has proved a great help to Mas Imagen in carrying out their live stream events. CEO Alejandro Mariles expresses an “extremely positive experience” with Dacast.