ComeSeeTv Case Study


ComeSeeTv is a partner with Dacast. This enables them to provide streaming platform solutions to different firms around the world as well as to promote Dominica and the entire Caribbean region.

ComeSeeTv offers several services to its clients, all around the aspect of video content. These services including live streaming, video advertising, video recording and video conferencing.

They rely on the CDN platform offered to them by Dacast for their live broadcasting. This can be used by many islands of the Caribbean along with other countries worldwide to promote both their culture and their events. They depend on their staff to oversee these venues and to help ensure their continued success.

Want to learn more about ComeSeeTv? Visit their website here.

Anthony Romero

Anthony was product marketing manager at Dacast for 5 years. He loves the video streaming industry and is now working with our friends at IBM Cloud Video.