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What is Video Latency? The Definitive Guide for Broadcasters

video latency

Video latency is a major aspect of live streaming over the internet. It is a technical measure that affects the viewing experience of your stream. There are several technical components that contribute to video latency, so the latency of your steam will depend on the strength of your streaming setup. In this post, we’re going […]

The API Revolution: It’s Powering Online Video


The number of Application Programming Interfaces has more than tripled since 2012. It’s an exciting time. APIs are revolutionizing many industries, and especially the OTT video industry, in part by enabling digital workflows and monetization methods that were unthinkable a decade ago. Online video is experiencing a period of rapid growth and maturation because video […]

Dacast Video Features: Best of 2016


  Here at Dacast, we provide professional broadcasters with an easy to use online video platform combining top tier CDN streaming and a set of valuable integrated features that take the pain out of online video for businesses big and small. Our goal is to give you a cloud based infrastructure that let’s you get the most […]