Encoders Impacted by the September 24-27th Network Upgrades

Last Updated On March 20, 2019
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As part of a security update by one of our network partners, users of some encoders have been experiencing problems. A notification about this has been posted inside all DaCast accounts earlier this week which you may have seen when logging in to your accounts. This was not anticipated and we apologize for the problems.

First, these changes do mean that everyone who entered details manually into their encoder will have to double check to make sure that “EntryPoint” (capital E and capital P) is appearing in the Stream URL portion. Encoders that need to be changed would include VidBlaster, BroadcastME app, TriCaster and any other hardware based encoders.

Additionally, some encoders were more seriously impacted. Encoders that we have been able to confirm fall into that category are:

  • Teradek VidiU (all models)
  • Teradek Cube
  • Viewcast Niagara
  • Xsplit (with Akamai plug-in) [now resolved]

Teradek VidiU and Cube

Teradek has released a firmware update in beta to address the problems caused by the network updates. Links to the firmware update for each Teradek product can be found below. Please make sure to select the link for the correct product before clicking.

If you need help installing the firmware, refer to these instructions for the VidiU/VidiU Pro, VidiU Mini and Cube.

Viewcast Niagara

For the Viewcast Niagara models, please delete the old profile and rebuild it. Issues can arise from trying to modify the stream URL through a manual edit and save.

If you continue to experience problems, or are unclear on the steps you need to take, please email support@niagrastreamingmedia.com with a cc to support@dacast.com with a description of your encoder Model and details regarding the problem.

Xsplit (Resolved)

For Xsplit, the encoder had issues with us and our network from September 27th, 2015, to October 14th, 2015. The issue is now resolved and the encoder works fine with us using the Akamai plugin. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

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