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Can I Monetize Video on Demand through Dacast?

Dacast - Video Monetization and Paywall

  Yes, you can monetize both live and on demand (VOD) content over the Dacast platform. This applies to both audio and video. We encourage you to explore our secure paywall to monetize your VOD content. You can use both pay-per-view and subscription. Monetization Methods on Dacast Dacast offers three different video monetization methods: AVOD, […]

Securely Deliver and Monetize—Live Event Video Streaming

live event video streaming

More and more businesses and groups are choosing to stream live events. Video broadcasting is a great way to boost your audience, whatever your industry. Some people think live streaming will decrease in-person attendance. But in fact, the opposite is true! Studies show that around 30 percent of people who watch a live-streamed event will […]

The 15 Best Wowza Alternatives for Online Video Streaming in 2022

Online video streaming is a booming industry. This type of media distribution is leveraged by brands to help their viewers feel updated and informed. Live streaming, in particular, is often used to make their audience feel they are part of an event. This increased viewer engagement is valuable to countless businesses, schools, and other professional […]

Comparison of The 10 Best Video on Demand Software Solutions – What You Need to Know

Video On Demand VOD Software

Today’s viewers want complete control over their video streaming experience. That’s why many broadcasters are providing video on demand (VOD) streaming content for their audiences. Choosing a VOD software solution, however, can be challenging. Let’s take a closer look at video on demand and how it differs from live streaming. We’ll also cover the key […]

OTT Content Management Systems: What You Need to Know About Video CMS in 2022

ott cms

Live video streaming and video on demand are very valuable in the professional space, but they also create unique challenges regarding storage, security, and asset management. In order to address these challenges, you need an affordable content management system.  The mainstream adoption of video content has generated enormous amounts of data that must be securely […]

Password Protected Video Hosting – What You Need to Know in 2022

password protected video

The internet has been a driving force behind the major shift in the way that we consume media. Online video streaming is growing more popular by the day. Hackers, pirates, and other people with poor intentions are taking advantage of opportunities to cash in on unsecured streaming setups. That is why it is so important […]

The Definitive Guide to Online Video Hosting Pricing and Costs in 2021

video hosting pricing

Businesses are using video content for all sorts of purposes in business. In fact, 80% of marketing professionals say that video content is becoming more important in this arena. It is used for sales, marketing, training, virtual event hosting, and more.  Broadcasters use video hosting to store and deliver their content. Naturally, this comes with […]

Comparing the Top 20 Private Video Hosting Platforms [2022 Update]

private video hosting

Video has become a critical medium for many brands. Unfortunately, many companies automatically turn to public hosting platforms, like YouTube or Facebook, without considering the possible ramifications of using these types of free platforms. Free online video hosting platforms come with heavy restrictions on rights to published content, monetization, branding, and more. That is why […]