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Can I Monetize Video on Demand through Dacast?

Dacast - Video Monetization and Paywall

  Yes, you can monetize both live and on demand (VOD) content over the Dacast platform. This applies to both audio and video. We encourage you to explore our secure paywall to monetize your VOD content. You can use both pay-per-view and subscription. Monetization Methods on Dacast Dacast offers three different video monetization methods: AVOD, […]

Securely Deliver and Monetize—Live Event Video Streaming

live event video streaming

More and more businesses and groups are choosing to stream live events. Video broadcasting is a great way to boost your audience, whatever your industry. Some people think live streaming will decrease in-person attendance. But in fact, the opposite is true! Studies show that around 30 percent of people who watch a live-streamed event will […]

The 10 Best Video Monetization Platforms – What You Need to Know [2022 Update]

video monetization platform

Video monetization is skyrocketing growth for broadcasters and online brands. Streaming research shows that video ads grew by 46% last year, with live content doubling its market share. Not to mention that online viewership is up by 72%. The future of video monetization is looking even more promising in the new year as we approach […]

How Video-on-Demand Platforms Help Your Business and How to Create One

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Video-on-demand is the new Cable TV – but better. Many businesses are monetizing their libraries of on-demand video content, from educational courses to fitness training videos and internal resources for new employees. As a whole, the video-on-demand market is blooming. In 2022, the market is expected to bring nearly $95 billion worldwide. And the space […]

OTT Content Management Systems: What You Need to Know About Video CMS in 2022

ott cms

A few decades ago, what would someone do if someone needed to research a topic? Go to the library, ask an experienced mentor, or read about it in newspapers or magazines. What do we do now? Simply take our phones out and search for whatever information we require on a search engine. Today’s OTT content […]

How to Choose a Video Paywall Solution for Live Streaming Monetization in 2023

video paywall

People are accustomed to paying for quality video content through subscriptions, pay-per-view access, or watching commercials on their favorite content.  It’s estimated that over-the-top (OTT) revenue, which reverses to revenue earned for video content outside of traditional television or movie setup, will reach $210 billion by 2026.  One of the most popular ways of monetizing […]

How to Start Selling Video Content, Streaming Videos, and Charge Viewers in 2023

sell videos online

  The live video streaming market has grown consistently over the past few years, creating business opportunities for broadcasters in many industries. Although many have the broadcasting down in terms of equipment configuration and cinematic effects, some still need help with monetization. Access to monetization tools is readily available, but figuring out which monetization methods […]

Live Streaming Pricing Comparison: How Much Does Video Streaming Cost [2022 Update]

Whether you’re a content creator, an entrepreneur, or just an average social media user – you’ve done some live streaming. After all, the live streaming industry has grown nearly 100% over the last 12 months. If you’re new to professional broadcasting, you’re likely wondering about live streaming pricing and how to charge for live online […]