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Success Story: How Floodin PRO Changed the Tourism Industry with Video Editing & Hosting

FloodinPro Video Hosting

Multiple Tourism operators sell custom videos and photos to their guests as a souvenir helping tourists remember their experience for years to come. In the past, these tourism operators sold DVDs and USBS, but that approach is no longer valid with the growth of online video. Floodin PRO is an automated video production app that […]

Success Story: How Twin Galaxies Used Video Hosting to Build a Business


  Watching video games is now bigger than viewing traditional sports. This “eSports” revolution is hard to believe for some people, but it’s real and it’s here to stay. A billion dollar industry has emerged around this market, and growth continues to explode. Twin Galaxies is one great example of a business that focuses on […]

Cómo Más Imagen usa Dacast Dacast Para Alojar Eventos Virtuales e Híbridos

Mas Imagen - Case Study

  Articulo en inglés aquí – Article in english here. Más Imagen es una empresa con sede en la Ciudad de México que se especializa en producción audiovisual. Esta empresa ofrece equipos FullHD profesionales para difusión y producción. Más Imagen ofrece tres soluciones audiovisuales, que incluyen equipos audiovisuales, producción de video y distribución de video […]

How Mas Imagen Uses Dacast to Host Virtual and Hybrid Events

Mas Imagen - Case Study

Article in spanish here – Articulo en español aquí. Mas Imagen is a Mexico City-based company that specializes in audiovisual production. This company provides professional FullHD equipment for broadcasting and production. Mas Imagen offers three audiovisual solutions, including audiovisual equipment, video production, and video distribution (transmission). These solutions are all brought to life by their […]

Success Story: How AdagioX is Using Online Video to Enrich Music Programs

AdagioX Dacast - professional masterclasses

AdagioX was founded in July 2020 to promote cultural music education at an affordable price. This innovative music education company offers masterclasses and lecture programs geared towards supporting students and school music programs. More specifically, AdagioX’s programs are designed to help directors develop their programs to improve students’ skills.  This Minneapolis-based organization offers live and […]

Hemingway Elementary School Case Study


Using Dacast, Ernest Hemingway Elementary School provides live broadcasting to hundreds of children in a closed network each day. They depend on the secure embed live video stream features to present content to students and faculty. Restriction settings create a secure and safe streaming environment for teaching students. Want to learn more about the Ernest Hemingway Elementary […]

Success Story: How IAHE is Using Streaming Video for Online Training in the Medical Field

IAHE Dacast success story

The International Alliance of Healthcare Educators (IAHE) is a coalition of accomplished institutes and healthcare educators from around the world that was founded in 1985. This coalition is made up of organizations that are dedicated to bringing forth the most innovative natural health therapies to like-minded practitioners and their patients.  Through its commitment to excellence […]

Success Story: How Imperial College London Hosted a Virtual Graduation for 50,000+ Guests

Imperial College London is among the top ten STEM universities in the entire world. STEM refers to a curriculum offering focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Imperial College is one of the only schools in the UK that is STEM-focused which makes this establishment a top choice for students that are interested in building […]

Success Story: How Grupo PetraGold is Bringing the Arts to Life with Online Video

Teatro Petra gold logo - 900x623p

PetraGold is a financial solution company that sells a variety of financial products and services to both businesses and consumers. They’ve been in the market since 2008, so they’ve built quite the reputation in their local markets in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.  PetraGold has a subsidiary called Teatro PetraGold that focuses on artistic […]

Pittsfield Community Television Case Study


Dacast aids the Pittsfield Community Television (PCTV) in providing local programming to online viewers. This community television case study highlights how the network uses Dacast to offer the best possible service to its viewers. PCTV is already accessible on three cable television channels on TimeWarner Cable. With Dacast, they are broadening their reach to online […]