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Live Stream Audio: How to Navigate Audio-Only Streaming

To do audio-only live streaming on your website, simply begin by setting up a regular live stream as you normally would. To only stream with audio, you must uncheck the “video” feature in your encoder. This feature works for HTML5 channels. For the best performance, you will want to use AAC audio as your source […]

What Is The DVR Or Digital Video Recorder Feature In Dacast?

DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, is a feature that is becoming increasingly popular on live streaming platforms. With the growing demand for live video content, the use of DVR has become a crucial aspect of live streaming. DVR allows viewers to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live video content, offering a more flexible and interactive viewing […]

Live Video Streaming with the Larix Broadcaster Mobile App

This guide will walk you through streaming from a mobile device using the Larix Broadcaster Live Streaming App. How to Live Stream with Larix Broadcaster Streaming with the Larix Mobile Broadcaster application requires 3 things: A mobile phone or table Larix Broadcaster Mobile App A Dacast account Video Tutorial  Check out this quick tutorial, and […]

Can I Live Broadcast on My Smartphone with Dacast?

  Yes, you can live broadcast over the Dacast platform on your smartphone. Almost all RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) sources, including smartphone apps, will work over Dacast. However, you will want to ensure the mobile streaming app supports your login and password. This is a security requirement to stream over the Limelight network, one of […]

FFmpeg Live Streaming on the Dacast Platform for MacOS

Are you interested in FFmpeg live streaming on Dacast under Mac OS with FFmpeg? This guide provides a step-by-step explanation to get you started! To stream on Dacast under Linux with FFmpeg, click here. Requirements: You will need to compile FFmpeg with the help of brew ( and specific librtmp parameters detailed below. Development tools: […]