Video On Demand Reporting

In the evolving field of data analytics and content consumption, remaining competitive necessitates tools that offer valuable insights and deliver them conveniently. We are pleased to introduce you to the Video On Demand Reports feature, designed to enhance how you access, analyse, and modify video metrics and content.

In this new feature, we have added a banner where you can generate and download content analytics to see the following information:

  • VOD title
  • Creation date
  • Duration in sec
  • Uploaded by
  • Last viewed
  • Number of plays

How to Download VOD Reports?

1. Login to your Dacast account and go to the Analytics tab.

2. Click the “Content” section. You should see the Download Report Banner at the bottom of the window.

3. Click the “Download report” button. An HTML file will be downloaded afterwards.

4. Open the HTML file on a web browser to view the VOD Report. That looks like this:

With these simple steps, you are able to take advantage of the VOD reporting feature on your Dacast account.  If you have any questions about this feature, please contact us any time.

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Orane Bodo

Orane is part of the Dacast Product team. Armed with a background in media and communication, she has a vast knowledge of the video industry.