Success Story: GoggleOutlet & Live Product Broadcasts


Dacast assists in providing Live and Video on Demand streaming used in their product marketing efforts. GoggleOutlet sells premium ski and snowboard goggles, along with other sports equipment. This case study highlights how GoggleOutlet used Dacast’s affordable and flexible platform to provide both live and video-on-demand streaming opportunities.

They tried alternative video streaming services without any success until they found Dacast. Now they have discovered a solution that works in driving engagement to their broadcasts and unique products.

To learn more about the amazing goggles and other great equipment from GoggleOutlet, check out their website!

Dan Frieling is the founder of GoggleOutlet and has been an avid winter sports enthusiast his whole life. When his love for engineering crossed with his love for skiing in the ’70s, he created a helmet cam. His resume is quite impressive and includes the following milestones:

“In 1978, Dan coded and built one of the first-ever helmet-cams.”

“In 1982, created what could be considered the first electronic medical records system.”

“In 1995, Dan was the first to ever put a doctor on a wireless handheld running medical records over the internet.”

and finally… “In 2014, Dan chose Dacast for his live broadcasting needs.”

Nick Small

Nick is a technical writer and marketer. While at Dacast, he helped the marketing team research and produce video streaming content for our readers.