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Responsive Video: How to Embed Content to Stream on Every Device

responsive video

Most consumers expect a sleek website and mobile app design from their favorite brands. Yet many video players are clunky and hinder the web experience. Today’s brands need to use video streaming technologies that automatically adjust to the user’s device to ensure a high Quality of Experience. With this in mind, we’ll cover what responsive […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Cloud-Based Video Platforms In 2020

Cloud Video Platform

The cloud is transforming the way broadcasters operate. In fact, many brands are starting to recognize that all-in-one cloud video platforms for live streaming and video on demand (VOD) are more convenient, scalable, and feature-rich than traditional broadcasting technologies. With this in mind, let’s look at what cloud video platforms are, and the key features […]

Adaptive Bitrate vs Multi-Bitrate Streaming: A Guide For Broadcasters

Adaptive Bitrate vs Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Quality of Experience is top of mind for today’s brands, and video streaming technologies have been rapidly improving to keep up with demand. In fact, studies show that buffering issues have fallen 41% and picture quality has risen 25% year-over-year. Even so, companies still need to make a tradeoff between video quality and performance often, […]

Broadcasters Guide to Cloud Video Streaming In 2020

Cloud Video Streaming

Cloud video streaming is ideal for most modern marketers that need a straightforward and scalable video infrastructure. That way, brands can focus on putting out good video content without dealing with a lot of technical challenges. Let’s take a deep dive into cloud video streaming and the most important features to look for in video […]

Video on Demand Software – What Every Broadcaster Needs to Know

Dacast Video On Demand VOD Software

Today’s viewers want complete control over their video streaming experience. That’s why many broadcasters are providing video on demand (VOD) streaming content for their audiences. Choosing a video on demand software solution, however, can be challenging. Let’s take a closer look at video on demand and how it differs from live streaming. We’ll also cover […]

Cloud Video Hosting: What Professional Broadcasters Need to Know

Cloud Video Hosting

More enterprises are moving to the cloud each year. With video content becoming so important, it only makes sense to shift their video hosting and streaming to the cloud as well. That’s why we’re taking a deep dive into cloud video hosting and streaming for broadcasters. More specifically, we’ll take a closer look at what […]

Private Video Hosting & Platforms for Business in 2020

private video hosting

Video has become critical for most brands, yet many relinquish control of their content to public hosting platforms. Only private video hosting can ensure today’s broadcasters get the most out of their content. We’ll take a closer like at online video hosting and why private hosting matters for broadcasters. You’ll also learn the key features […]

HLS Encryption: How to Protect Videos and Keep Your Digital Content Secure

hls encryption for video

As piracy and hacking continue to increase each year, broadcasters should be concerned with securing their video content. That’s because the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimated $29.2 billion of lost revenue from piracy in 2019. Data breaches, unauthorized video sharing, and hacks, therefore, can be a substantial cost for many companies. That’s why protecting video […]

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Optimizing the User Experience

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

For most broadcasters, the user experience they provide is crucial because most viewers won’t deal with a poor stream for long. In fact, over half of viewers will abandon a poor quality stream in 90 seconds or less. That means one bad stream could be devastating for business. The problem is that most users rely […]