Important Infrastructure Upgrade to HTTPS Delivery

Important Infrastructure Upgrade to HTTPS Delivery Image


In cooperation with Akamai, we are upgrading our infrastructure to provide secure HTTPS delivery of all HTML5 video content (this does not apply to Flash live channels). This upgrade will improve security and ensure compatibility with new browser technologies. During this industry-wide transitional period, we have ensured our player will be compatible with both HTTP and HTTPS delivery to minimize the impact on the performance of your streams.

How it works:

  • We want to provide you with the fastest start-up time when you click play so when opened in a browser, our player will look for the Adobe Flash plugin first. If the browser has the Flash plugin enabled, then our player will pull an HTTP stream from Akamai in order to deliver your stream as quickly as possible. It is assumed users with the Flash plugin enabled on their browsers are comfortable with mixed content. If the browser does not have the Flash plugin enabled, then our player will pull an HTTPS stream via its native HTML5 playback.
  • As 90% of browsers in use today, including Chrome and Firefox, upgrade and disable the Flash plugin over the next few months, we expect almost 100% of the streams delivered by Dacast will transition to HTTPS delivery. This will be seamless for you and your viewers and will make your transition from HTTP to HTTPS delivery as smooth as possible.
  • Please be aware that as browsers update, you may receive messages similar to the ones displayed below regarding streaming with the Flash plugin when your viewers have that installed and enabled in their browsers. Please note that this does not mean your stream is any less secure than it was before but may require viewers to accept the use of the Flash plugin where before that use was automatic. We recommend that you suggest your viewers disable the Flash plugin if they see these notices and, in fact, removing the Flash plugin may result in better performance for your stream.


Elysia Shaw

Elysia was a marketing data analyst at Dacast. She developed dashboards and reports to visualize trends and track key metrics and performance.