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Live IP Camera Streaming: PTZ, Security Cameras, and More

  Video on your web page can come from a lot of different sources. One source that gives you complete control, though, is live IP camera streaming from your own IP cameras. Internet protocol cameras (IP cameras for short) are popular for any use where video cameras are necessary, but a person can’t stand behind […]

Important Infrastructure Upgrade to HTTPS Delivery


In cooperation with Akamai, we are upgrading our infrastructure to provide secure HTTPS delivery of all HTML5 video content (this does not apply to Flash live channels). This upgrade will improve security and ensure compatibility with new browser technologies. During this industry-wide transitional period, we have ensured our player will be compatible with both HTTP […]

How to Broadcast Live Using Prerecorded Video


  Most likely, those reading this already know how to broadcast live video. For example, you may already know how to stream live video on your website with an encoder, a streaming service, and one or more dedicated webcams or IP cameras. Sometimes, however, streaming video content can get a bit more complicated. Sometimes you […]