How MorningCME Uses Dacast Video Content Management API


Among our community of broadcasters, many are using very innovative technologies to add online video to their business. We love to share information about how these technologies are being used. We’re especially grateful for those customers who allow us to talk about their integration with Dacast.

Today we’re going to take a look at MorningCME, a Continuing Medical Education provider that uses Dacast video content management API to deliver live streaming and on-demand classes.

Let’s take a look at how MorningCME uses video to achieve its mission.

About MorningCME: Continuing Medical Education, live and online

MorningCME’s parent company was founded in 2009 in Idaho as a way for rural medical professionals to gain access to conferences and trainings. Through video, the service has aimed to make professional development more convenient and affordable for physicians and other providers.

MorningCME video content management APIIn 2016, MorningCME began working with UW Medicine and Virginia Mason Medical Center. Their Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses are now available via live stream and video on demand through the MorningCME website.

In 2017, MorningCME expanded its offering further by opening up its platform to other accreditors as a free CME resource site. Any accredited CME institution can now post their content on the site, where it will be free for their providers. MorningCME subscribers can also access these resources.

This model has proven effective over the last 8+ years. MorningCME is now an established player and helps many professionals stay up to date on the latest procedures and research through online courses.

Content is free to view for subscribers. However, with an annual subscription (which costs $150) you can receive AMA Category 1 Credits, AAFP Prescribed credits, and NP Pharmacology credits for these CME courses. There is also a group discount if multiple providers from a clinic or hospital sign up together.

You can check out the list of MorningCME upcoming live streaming medical courses here, and the list of pre-recorded courses here.

How MorningCME integrates video using Dacast

So how does this service work, exactly? Technically speaking, MorningCME hosts and delivers its video broadcasts via Dacast online video platform.

However, this process is fully transparent to users. Dacast branding doesn’t appear anywhere. This is the benefit of using a white-label service. White label allows you to use custom branding on your videos, streams, and services. MorningCME is, in this way, able to add custom branding to their live streams and video-on-demand that are then delivered to all their viewers on their different devices.

However, the deepest integrations between MorningCME and Dacast are made possible via Dacast’s video API.

How MorningCME uses the Dacast video content management API

Using our video content management API, MorningCME is able to integrate video uploading and management onto their website. This allows third parties to stream courses and show their recorded lectures—without requiring them to sign in as an administrator.

MorningCME has also customized the API to answer all of its business needs. They have added a live chat allowing the audience to interact with the presenters in real-time. In addition, MorningCME uses a tracking service to determine how long viewers watch a given stream. This allows them to determine that users are actively viewing the video or stream—a must for accredited CME courses.

As MorningCME notes, many of the other OVP services they considered require viewers to leave their own website in order for streaming to function, which blocks their tracking function. This is not the case with Dacast which makes the Dacast API “critical to our success” as MorningCME says.

Benefits of using a video content management API

APIs underpin a wide range of modern businesses, allowing users to combine services in customized ways. MorningCME provides one great example of how a video content management API is being used to power their core business offering and offer their audience a unique experience. We look forward to following their story and hope for their continued success!

To learn more about video APIs and how they can power your business, check out our latest API White Paper “The Video API Revolution“.

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