Free Live Streaming with DaCast’s Trial Account!

Free Live Streaming with DaCast’s Trial Account! Image

Live streaming is an incredibly powerful form of new media. It can instantly reach millions of people around the world, disseminating content across international borders and bringing together audiences to share in meaningful moments. Luckily, free live streaming is becoming easier than ever thanks to cheaper cameras, faster Internet speeds, and better streaming services.

Get Started with Free Live Streaming

Testing out professional-grade live streaming services without paying a single penny is easier than ever, thanks to DaCast’s free trial account!

DaCast is a highly regarded live streaming service provider, and we offer a free, 30-day trial for anyone who wants to try out our service. This free trial allows you to test out everything we have to offer, including live broadcasts to a limited test audience. Besides your name and email address, we ask nothing more of you to start free live streaming – not even a credit card number! To learn more about the free trial, visit and click the sign-up button.

DaCast Platform Features

The DaCast video hosting platform is a flexible, powerful, and scalable system for delivering video to viewers anywhere around the world.

White Label Service

For professional organizations or those who simply don’t want to promote another service, a white label service like DaCast is a great option. Our video players and live streams don’t feature any branding from DaCast, making it simple for you to include your own branding or imagery to all of your streaming content.

Embedding and Social Sharing

Live streams and on-demand videos hosted on DaCast can be embedded into any website via configurable windows using the Javascript or iframe standards. Embedded video windows can be resized to the resolution of your choice and can be protected behind a paywall or a password. Access to content can even be restricted to specific countries.

DaCast also supports directly sharing videos and live streams to Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to generate buzz and bring in a much larger audience through social sharing. Videos and streams through DaCast also support Google Analytics, enabling you to track every click and reference to optimize your outreach and marketing.

Our website also features a viewer portal which can be used to discover content hosted on our systems. You have the option of whether or not your videos and streams will be accessible from this page.

API Enables Customization

The DaCast API enables comprehensive control of your content. For example, pull your video into a custom video player of your choice, or build a mobile app around your video content for a completely branded experience. The power is in your hands!

High-Definition Quality

Steams at full HD 1080p resolutions (1920 x 1080 pixels) are supported on DaCast, provided you have adequate upload speeds. An upload speed no lower than 2-5 megabits per second to stream full HD video is recommended, and higher is always better. You can test your Internet speeds using a service like

DaCast also supports simultaneous multiple bit-rate broadcasts, which makes your stream more accessible for people with a range of Internet connection speeds. When this option is enabled, viewers will default to the fastest stream their connection will support.

You can learn more about Internet connection options for free live streaming, including options for wired support and connecting over mobile networks, in our blog on networking.

All-Device Support

With support for HTML5 video, DaCast video streams can be played on Android and iOS mobile devices as well as desktops and tablets. Our service also supports the creation of a Roku Channel using your content, which means that the 10 million people using Roku TV devices can watch your content as it’s meant to be seen—on a big screen.

Seamless Monetization

Monetizing video content can be awkward, but the DaCast platform integrates an optional paywall right into the video player itself. This means that viewers can enter their payment info right into the video player, whether it’s hosted on your website, on social media, or on the DaCast channel page.

For broadcasters, payment settings can be configured in the back-end. Payment options include pay per view and ongoing subscriptions, which are ideal for different types of events. Both methods can be combined to give purchasers flexibility in determining access to content. We also offer support for sales and promotions.

Tier One Content Delivery Network

Videos hosted on DaCast are delivered via the Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is composed of 200,000 powerful servers located in data centers spread around the world.

Akamai has been a leader in the CDN world for decades, and is known for ultra-fast and reliable content delivery. You can be assured that content sent over and stored on the Akamai network will provide an unparalleled viewing experience.

Audio-Only Streaming

For journalists, musicians, radio hosts, or producers who prefer audio-only broadcasts, DaCast supports audio streaming via the Internet. This option is a great way to get an Internet radio station up and running, and sets DaCast apart from free live streaming services.

Build an Archive

All live streamed or on-demand content hosted on DaCast is archived on your channel, which allows you to quickly and easily build up a library of content. You can monetize this content, rebroadcast it live, or even offer free downloads; the possibilities are endless!

Comprehensive Support and Tutorials

DaCast’s global staff monitors our network for stability and service 24 hours a day, and provides help desk support that isn’t outsourced. When you call or chat our support, you’re actually talking to someone in one of our offices, not a call center.

Signing up for a DaCast free trial also provides you with access to our video guides, which walk you through the basics of free live streaming, setting up your encoder, uploading video, and creating a paywall with pay per view and subscription options. What are you waiting for? Sign up for our trial account today and start free live streaming!

Dacast Team