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Job Listings for DaCast
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Check back for an updated list job listings for DaCast. New jobs are posted frequently for the best streaming service.

DaCast employees in many fields. Each office has a particular focus. Our San Francisco office focuses on marketing and business development. Our Paris office is honed on engineering for the robust video streaming and hosting services. Both offices have account management aspects.

The San Francisco location uses both online marketing and public relations to promote the company. Promotional video creation and press releases are managed from this office. Business development opportunities such as partnerships also go through the California office. The bulk of the support and account management staff is also found here.

The Paris office is tasked with developing the complex streaming platform. They manage both the live and on demand aspects of the service. Development of new features and maintenance are handled in-house. API creation and testing is housed inside the France location. The office also has a small staff for support and account management.

The two offices, due to time differences, account for an overall large window of available support. However, the company presently does not offer weekend support, but covers times during the weekdays.

Right now DaCast does not outsource its support or account management. When clients call in or goes onto chat, they are talking to someone who is located at one of our offices.