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Video Monetization: How to Use the Dacast Paywall

  This paywall section of your Dacast account gives you access to the main tools you need to monetize video content. Some of the paywall functions include:. Access to your saved pay-per-view/subscriptions/promo codes presets (section “Presets” of your Paywall Creation of price groups and promo codes (section “Groups” of your Paywall) Access to your Pay […]

What Is The DVR Or Digital Video Recorder Feature In Dacast?

DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, is a feature that is becoming increasingly popular on live streaming platforms. With the growing demand for live video content, the use of DVR has become a crucial aspect of live streaming. DVR allows viewers to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live video content, offering a more flexible and interactive viewing […]

Dacast Analytics Audience: How to Read the Graphs

  You will be able to review your Audience analytics in two different ways: per content and globally.  1. Per Content: You will be able to access per content Audience analytics for both your Live Streams and Videos. To review your Audience analytics per content under the Live Streams and/or Videos sections, you will have […]

Paywall Monetization: A Video Guide

Video Guide: Paywall Monetization Would you like to set up Paywall monetization for your live stream channels or Videos On Demand? Have you wondered how to begin this process through your Dacast account? If so, check out this video guide to begin using the Dacast video paywall solution today! If you have more questions relating […]