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What does “PPV” Stand for as it Relates to Online Video?

  When talking about video monetization, “PPV” is short for Pay-Per-View Along with subscription-based monetization, pay-per-view is one of the monetization methods offered by Dacast. It allows broadcasters to sell their video content through a secure paywall located inside the video player. Ad-based monetization is also an option. Any questions or need help/access to this […]

Walkthrough: Video On Demand (VOD) with Dacast (Legacy App)

  This post covers how to do VOD streaming over Dacast, including secure video upload with FTP and content management and publishing via your account. 1. Get Started with VOD Streaming Creating video on demand content over Dacast requires uploading media files to our network of servers. To do this, sign into your account and […]

Dacast Paywall Analytics: How to Read the Graphs

  There are a few ways to read the Paywall analytics graphs on Dacast.  Dacast Paywall Analytics The paywall analytics section will give you access to your sales and revenue by time and country/location. You will be able to review your sales and revenue in two different ways: per content and globally.  1. Per content: […]