Does Dacast Allow Adult or Blue Content?

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Yes, Dacast allows blue content as long as the content is legal in the United States and you don’t post it on the viewer.dacast service.

If you plan to monetize the content through paywalls (pay-per-view or subscriptions), the content must be sold over credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, America Express, Discover Card). 

Adult content can not be sold over PayPal.

If you create content that is explicit or risque, please make sure you follow the guidelines set forth in our terms of service. Please contact your account manager so we can set up your account with these preferences built-in.

Please review the following excerpt of our terms of service:

4.4. Selling video content through the Paywall

By selling video content through Pay Per View or Subscriptions using the Dacast Paywall, you agree to or attest that (i) all content sold honestly, accurately and adequately reflects the content the end viewer had intended to purchase, (ii) you have the legal rights to sell and distribute such content digitally, and (iii) videos of an adult nature will not be sold over the Dacast platform using PayPal payments.

4.4.1. Adult content: Accounts found to have legal content of adult nature, which includes nudity, penetration, overly excessive and graphic violence, and other criteria based on country restrictions, will have their accounts locked out of using PayPal to process their transactions and blocked from using Dacast’s “Viewer” portal service. Accounts blocked in this way will not have access to these features at a later date.

Any questions or need help/access to this feature? Please contact us.

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