Live Stream Chat with Dacast and RumbleTalk


Dacast has partnered with RumbleTalk to provide live chat functionality aside from your Dacast video platform account. Not only is it quick and easy to get started, but you’ll also have access to a full-featured live streaming chat platform that can scale with your business. The quickest way to get started and add live chat to your Dacast content is to register with RumbleTalk and check out our live code samples:

Side-by-Side Video & Chat

A two-panel display with your live stream or video-on-demand content on one side and a live chat channel on the other.

Stacked Video & Chat

A simple pair of stacked panels with your live stream or video-on-demand content on top and a live chat channel below.

The Future of Chat

As live chat becomes more and more critical in an increasingly remote world, we’re always looking for ways to improve our chat offering. Here are a few things on the horizon of live chat that we’re setting our sights on:

1. Online/Offline & Paywall Integration

What if your chat could respond to events in your video content? Turning on and off automatically when your content goes online/offline or even blocking chat to users who haven’t purchased your paywalled content?

2. Video + Chat Embeds

Side-by-side video and chat is a start but what if the chat could be included in the content embed itself? Only one embed code to copy and a full whitelabel video player for your viewers that includes a chat overlay.

3. All-In-One Video & Chat

What if you didn’t need to interact with another vendor at all and could simply add live chat to your Dacast plan? No additional accounts to manage plus an easy-to-use interface to manage your live chat channels.

If any of the above has piqued your interest and you’d like to learn more or simply tell us what’s important to you, please go ahead and contact us with your thoughts and feedback!


Rich Jenkins

Director of Product at Dacast with experience in enterprise, start-ups and everything in-between. Believes coffee and kale do compete and enjoys consuming both.