Transcoding Limits in Dacast

What is Transcoding?

Transcoding is essentially any process that’s undertaken to convert a file into a different format. Your videos must be transcoded correctly if they’re to be accessible to a wide range of users. Transcoding takes account of user differences to deliver a consistent viewing experience across the board. If your videos are transcoded correctly you can rest assured your content will be playable in many contexts.

During the transcoding process, you’ll have opportunities to make multiple changes. For streaming workflow for example, you could change the bitrate of your video in line with its resolution. Higher bitrates are preferable for better-quality streaming, but it’s important to be wary of large file sizes. If you’re looking to reduce the bitrate of a file the process is known as transrating.

How Does Transcoding Work?

It is a process that often takes significant time to complete, even with the most powerful computers. With that being said, it’s better to take advantage of significant hardware and computer resources. You’ll benefit from working on a computer with a high-performance processor, high RAM, and graphics acceleration.

Transcoding Limits

Video transcoding services offer tiered account plans tailored to the needs of various users. In Dacast, these plans typically differ in features, pricing, and, importantly, transcoding limits.

 Transcoding limits refer to the maximum amount of video content that users can process within a specific timeframe, such as a month. Understanding these limits is essential for managing costs, ensuring smooth operations, and delivering high-quality video experiences to audiences.

Transcoding limit per account plan

Starter: 1TB

Event:  500GB

Scale:  4TB

Custom: See with your Customer Success Contact

Note: The limits given are over the course of one year


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Rizaldy Samonte

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