Pay-Per-View vs. Subscription: What’s the Difference?


Pay-Per-View vs. Subscription

Pay-per-view and subscription are two monetization models available with the Dacast paywall.

When it comes to video monetization, a subscription requires a viewer to pay for unlimited access to your content over a fixed amount of time.

Pay-per-view, on the other hand, requires viewers to pay for access to individual pieces of content.

Video Monetization

To put these two video monetization methods into perspective, someone can set up a biannually subscription where viewers can watch uploaded content as much as they like over that year. Someone else can set up a pay-per-view for a two-hour program, where the viewer gets to watch only that program and nothing more.

Please note that a subscription enables you to automatically bill on a recurring subscription cycle, while pay-per-view is a single payment billing model.

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