Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Secure Video Hosting

Secure Video Hosting Guide


Within the next two years, the video streaming market is predicted to be worth $70.5 billion. With that success comes an increase in privacy concerns. In today’s digital world, video security represents an important challenge for businesses and organizations. Security firms are measuring an increase in piracy and other forms of digital attack every single year. Industries that need secure video hosting, in particular, include: media & OTT, publishing, e-learning, entertainment, government and institutions, and enterprise.

There are countless reasons to protect your online video. The biggest reason, however, is simply that online video is valuable. A key decision you’ll make when you publish your videos is where you’ll host them, and who your intended audience will be. In many cases, distributing video entails weighing the pros and cons between accessibility and security.

And so the logical question becomes: how can you protect your online video content?

This ebook answers that question by examining 7 key tools to access secure video hosting in the modern world. We’ll also cover how to gain reliable access to these tools and include them in your digital publishing workflow.

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Elise Furon

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