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Comparing The 5 Best Chinese Video Platforms for Hosting [2024 Update]

chinese video platform

Online learning has become more important than ever. It gives students the opportunity to attend their dream school, even if the physical location makes it difficult for them to attend classes on-campus. This is especially true for students in China who want to attend schools far from home in countries like the United States, Canada, […]

The Top 6 Live Streaming Chat Tools for Broadcasting [2023 Update]

live stream chat

With virtual events becoming more popular and necessary for the modern working environment, live chat software is increasingly ubiquitous. Broadcasters, event organizers and organizations of all kinds need fresh, innovative ways to engage their audience. Website chat tools and live chat offer the perfect solution. Integrating services that support chat tools and features for live […]

Password Protected Live Streaming: What You Need to Know in 2023

Password Protected Live Streaming

For most professional broadcasters, privacy and video security are an absolute priority. Whether you want to keep internal videos out of the public eye or prevent your live streams from being hacked by online predators, there are tools for keeping your online video content and information safe. After all, more than a few drawbacks exist […]

Understanding RTMP Cameras: How to Setup an IP Camera for RTMP Streaming [Updated for 2022]

rtmp camera

Creating live streams and video content of any form has two primary sides. The first is your content, and the second is all the hardware and software that makes broadcasting your message possible.  Many technologies and innovations strive to make the latter easier for broadcasters around the globe. Today, we’ll discuss IP cameras and RTMP […]

AES Video Encryption – The Ultimate Guide to Streaming Video Security [2022 Update]

AES Video Encryption

The live video streaming market is predicted to be worth $102.09 billion by 2023. The rise of this industry has coincided with the growth of the internet and the trend towards virtual event attendance, distance learning, remote work, and the development of video for marketing and sales. The downside to the explosive growth of live […]