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How to Live Stream with Pre-Recorded Video


In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to live stream with pre-recorded video as a part of your broadcast. Pre-recorded videos can be a great way to add multimedia to your live video streaming broadcast. Some use cases for videos in your broadcast are introduction videos, ad reels, sponsored content, guest bios and intros, training […]

OBS Tutorial for Dacast (PC): How to connect OBS Studio to Dacast

how to use obs

  In this OBS Tutorial for Dacast, we are going to cover how to connect to Dacast streaming solution with OBS Studio. Open Broadcaster Software is free to download, open-source encoder. This OBS Tutorial has been realized with version 22.0.2. For more details on how to add video sources and setting up hotkeys with OBS […]

Wirecast 8 Video Tutorial for Broadcasting Live to Akamai Network via Dacast

Broadcasting Live

*Note to our readers: this article has been updated to reflect Wirecast version 8. In this Wirecast tutorial video, we’ll cover broadcasting with Wirecast, as well as how to connect it to the Dacast service. To start streaming you will need a computer, an internet connection, a Dacast account, and to have created a Dacast […]

Tutorial: Dacast’s Pay Per View Video Platform


In this video tutorial, we’ll be looking at the monetization options on your Dacast Channel. Dacast’s Pay Per View video platform includes adding Pay Per View tickets, setting up Subscriptions, and using Promo codes. Live Streaming Broadcasts can be a great source of revenue for your events and regular broadcasts. Typical paywall models include a one-off […]

Best Chroma Key Software Encoder Comparison

Best Video Broadcasting Software

In this video tutorial, we will provide a comparison of the Chroma Key features in the live streaming encoders; Wirecast, Xsplit, vMix, and OBS. “What is the best chroma key software encoder?” has no simple answer, so we will explore the Chroma Key features of all of these encoders. Chroma Key, or Chroma Keying, is […]

Dacast Live Streaming Encoder Setup


In our previous tutorial, we covered how to create your Dacast channel. Now we’re going to look at how to complete your Dacast live streaming encoder setup. This will require your video broadcast software, also known as your encoder. After you’ve created your channel, to start your broadcast you will need an encoding software and […]

Wildlife Windows – Live Streaming Nature, Case Study


Since 2004, Wildlife Windows has provided an excellent service in the installation of cameras for wildlife conservation projects, in the UK. This work is critical not just to learn more about the natural world, but also to track conservation projects, and to promote them to the general public. We spoke to Jason Fathers about the […]

TV Worldwide, VE Day Event Case Study

tv-worldwide case study

TV Worldwide has long been a pioneer in the world of live video streaming. However, the scale of 2015’s VE Day Memorial flyover was something the size of which TV Worldwide had not attempted previously. The VE Day Memorial flyover saw 56 WWII military planes fly across the Potomac River and over Washington D.C., before completing their final […]