How to Post a Video on Reddit

You’ve probably heard of Reddit. After all, it’s the fifth most popular website in the United States. Globally, it ranks in the top 20 websites. Reddit is made up of over a million “subreddits.” A subreddit is essentially a forum dedicated to a specific topic. This blog will look at how to post a video on Reddit.

So how do people use Reddit? According to Digital Trends, “The homepage (or “front page”) shows you various posts that are currently trending on the site, pulled from a variety of subreddits. You can click the sort button in the upper left to sort by posts that are “hot” (trending), new, controversial, and more.” You can also visit specific subreddits, create new subreddits, and up and downvote content.

Reddit is different from other social media platforms in a number of significant ways that make it a great place to post video content. Reddit is obsessively democratic to begin with, as users vote an offering up or down and either raise it to prominence or bury it in obscurity. Other social media platforms have groups, clubs, and communities, but with Reddit that’s a defining feature.

Why Post a Video on Reddit?

How to Post a Video on RedditAs a professional video producer, why should you care about Reddit?

Let’s start with some basic statistics. The site draws over five hundred million visitors per month. Reddit has more than three hundred million active users. This is a highly active community. Reddit users tend to be very engaged. It’s not just a place for passive content consumption—although that does happen. But posting, comments, and voting make Reddit a very active place for users.

Perhaps most importantly for video purposes, visitors to Reddit watch video content each month totaling almost two hundred years in total view time. Other than sites specifically dedicated to video such as YouTube, Reddit is far and away the go-to site for video and links to video. Reddit/Videos is the tenth most popular subreddit on the site.

Moreover, YouTube is the second most popular switch destination from Reddit. That is to say, more Redditors go to YouTube from Reddit than to any other location except Imgur, the default image site. What does this mean? It means that links on Reddit to a video hosted on YouTube receive lots of clicks, and that in turn means that Redditors are happy to follow links to watch videos. (Where the video is hosted doesn’t matter; YouTube gets such high traffic because more videos are hosted there than anywhere else.)

Benefits of using Reddit

In summary, professionals can get the following benefits from using Reddit:

  • Access to a highly engaged community
  • Instant feedback
  • Ability to create custom communities around your brand/product
  • High traffic
  • High video usage rate

How to post a video on Reddit

If you’re used to other social media such as Facebook or Twitter, Reddit can be confusing at first because of its unique environment and rules, written and unwritten. But the time to learn those rules and understand that environment is time well invested. Let’s go over how to post a video on Reddit.

  1. How to Post a Video on RedditThe first thing you need, obviously, is an account on Reddit. That procedure is fairly straightforward and similar to other social media sites: choose a user name, choose a password, give them a valid email address.
  2. Once your account is set up, visit a subreddit of your choice, like Each community has rules, which are listen in the sidebar. There are general Reddit community rules as well. Make sure to check those out.
  3. When you’re ready to post, click/tap “Submit a New Link” to share a link to another site where you have your video hosted. Reddit is not itself a video hosting platform, so you’ll need a link to elsewhere. You can copy and paste a DaCast share link here.
  4. Write a title for your post. Choose one that’s eye-catching and will draw attention. Once this is done, you’re ready to share!

Here are some other recommendations for increasing your exposure on reddit.

  • Participate. Reddit has active communities on topics that matter to your business or organization. Find these communities and get involved.
  • Consider running an “AMA” if you have expertise on a particular topic.
  • Build goodwill by sharing useful content. Don’t only be self-promotional. Instead, try to find the user base that really wants and needs your product or service. Then work with them to share.
  • Build karma. More on that topic below.

How to get the most possible views

Choosing an appropriate subreddit is the first step in having your video catch eyes.  One of the biggest advantages of Reddit is the existence of subreddits, which lets you present your content to viewers more likely to appreciate it, rather than to the entire Reddit universe.

I even recommend ignoring the video subreddit. It’s just too general.

Instead, look for niche subreddits that cater to your exact audience. For example, let’s say that you’re broadcasting educational content in the journalism realm. You might consider sharing content, when appropriate, to subreddits like:


Choose a subreddit based on what you want your your viewers to do in terms of followup/conversion activity, but don’t make this choice quickly or off the cuff. Explore a potential subreddit first to see what kinds of things are posted there and what comments they get. Your first instinct may not be the best choice.

The choice of subreddit is the most important Reddit-specific thing you can do to draw viewers. The rest is content and presentation. Have something good linked and give it a good title, and people will find it. If you’re creating quality content, viewers are likely to have something to say about it.

“Karma” and “Rediquette”

How to Post a Video on RedditRedditors can comment on a link post and also vote it up or down. The accumulation of net up or down votes is referred to by Redditors as “karma.”

Obviously, you want your link to obtain good karma and lots of it. That’s like reviews of a book on Amazon, or good reviews of a business on Yelp. With enough good karma, your video will go on the Reddit Front Page, and draw huge amounts of attention.

There’s no magic formula for this. Of course, it’s a good idea to build a network of friends, colleagues, and employees on Reddit. That way, you can support each other’s content. Since Reddit is a social media site, it’s also about your online persona.

Even more than most social media, Reddit isn’t tolerant of 24/7 spam marketing. Participate in the activity and post comments on other people’s links. That will get you known, which along with a catchy title and an interesting subject will draw attention to your videos, and after that it’s up to the videos themselves.


Reddit is a great place to share your video content. It’s especially great because of the subdivision into subreddits, which lets you easily target your preferred audience. It also draws a lot of users interested in video. The potential payoff for posting at Reddit enormous.

Technically, posting a video link to Reddit is quite simple — no harder than posting a link on any other social media site. The only complicating factors are the choice of subreddit and the high emphasis on participating etiquette (or “Rediquette”). Those factors make it worth your while to spend your time exploring the site and finding out about how things are done and how the whole thing is organized before plunging in. If you’re willing to do that, a Reddit link to your videos is a great investment of time.

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By Elise Lagarde and Max Wilbert

6 thoughts on “How to Post a Video on Reddit

  1. Ryan R. Bayne says:

    You might have missed the part where 100 Reddit users might down vote a post and report the user for submitting their own video. It has happened to me.

    Reddit is ruled by users who have nothing to do in life but moderate Reddit for free. Their Reddit status means more to them than anything and I always pray that they remembered to feed their children and pets. If your video displays ads then they will call you out quickly for trying to use Reddit to make money. They get their buddies to come along and back them up. Which is how they rank high on Reddit in the first place and treat Reddit like a territory. So please take care with the above advice.

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