Wirecast Documentation [Version 6]

(CREATED FROM WIRECAST 6.0.5) There are 2 methods to connect your DaCast stream to your Wirecast encoder. We recommend you to use the method #1. METHOD #1 (recommended): USING THE MANUAL CONFIGURATION   In your DaCast account Click on your channel and go to the ENCODER SETUP. Click on Telestream Wirecast. Take note of the STREAM […]

How to stream live video with Wirecast 7

  First, it’s important to know that there are 2 possible methods to connect your Dacast stream to your Wirecast encoder. At Dacast, we recommend that you use method #1, but we include instructions for both methods below. Note that it is possible to do multi destinations streaming with Wirecast which means that you can stream on […]

Encoders Impacted by the September 24-27th Network Upgrades

As part of a security update by one of our network partners, users of some encoders have been experiencing problems. A notification about this has been posted inside all DaCast accounts earlier this week which you may have seen when logging in to your accounts. This was not anticipated and we apologize for the problems. […]

Flash Media Live Encoder Archiving Documentation

This guide details how to archive live content over DaCast, which is a manual process, utilizing Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. First, launch Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. Next, after uploading your XML profile for your stream, click the checkbox for Save to File (see the red highlighted portion in the image to see where […]

Guía de inicio rápido con Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

  Esta es una guía de inicio rápido para transmisión en vivo. El proceso se divide en 16 pasos (es posible que experimente dificultades en dispositivos móviles): 1) Cree un live streaming. Haga clic en el botón de la Cámara o en el botón “+Create new” 2) Pon un título y elige html5 . 3) Salva y haga […]