How do I Stream On Dacast Using VidBlasterX?

  VidBlaster is a software encoder for Windows only. There are several paid versions of this tool, but you can download a free version of VidBlasterX Studio version 5 here. VidBlasterX Broadcast (the most inclusive version of this encoding software) supports multiple streamer modules, which allows you to set up multiple streams. Below find our […]

DirectX 9 Compatible Hardware Required for vMix

When using the vMix encoder, do you see a message that says the following message: DirectX9 compatible hardware required. D3DStartup.D3D_NEW_EX D3DERR_INVALIDCALL: Invalid call (-2005530516)” If the following window appears with that message, you must get to the root of the problem before you start streaming: Solution: Unfortunately, this message means that your Graphics Card is […]

Why am I getting motion blur in Wirecast?

If you are getting a pixilation smudging, or motion blur that looks similar to compression artifacting, it can be the result of your Wirecast encoder. Versions of the software before 5.0.3 have known issues broadcasting over the Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network). If you are using 5.0.1, or a version of 4.X, it can cause playback […]