How do I Stream On Dacast Using VidBlasterX?

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VidBlaster is a software encoder for Windows only.

There are several paid versions of this tool, but you can download a free version of VidBlasterX Studio version 5 here.

VidBlasterX Broadcast (the most inclusive version of this encoding software) supports multiple streamer modules, which allows you to set up multiple streams.

Below find our video tutorial and the written steps to help you start live streaming with VidBlaster:

1 – Video Tutorial: 

Check out this quick tutorial, and discover how you can quickly launch a live stream with VidBlaster:


2 – Written tutorial: 

Setting Up VidBlasterX

There are two primary phases of setting up VidBlasterX: the steps within Dacast and the steps within VidBlaster.

Steps Within Dacast

If you haven’t done so already, you first need to create a live channel on Dacast. 

Go all the way through that process until you reach the ENCODER SETUP part. Make sure to make note of the name of your live channel for future reference.

Steps Within VidBlaster

STEP 1: Start by clicking on “FILE,” then “LOAD PROFILE” and finally, select the default profile as shown below:

stream with VidBlasterXYou should see the following screen at this point:stream with VidBlasterXSTEP 2: From here, right-click in the STREAMER 1 module and go to settings:stream with VidBlasterX

Dacast Platform - Stream Using VidBlasterX - STREAMER SETTINGS


STEP 3: Once you’re in the settings, select “RTMP/Flash Media” as your SERVER TYPE. 

Enter your user name and password found in your live channel, under the tab encoder setup in your Dacast account:

Dacast Platform - Stream Using VidBlasterX - Encoder Setup

STEP 4: Enter the URL/IP: Port and Stream. These are the Stream URL and Stream Name you will find in your live channel you want to stream from, under the tab encoder setup in your Dacast account as so:

Dacast Platform - Stream Using VidBlasterX - Encoder Stream Setup

Dacast Platform - Stream Using VidBlasterX - Encoder Setup IP



STEP 5: You can now select the source of your stream from the available options. When you select the source of your stream, make sure it coincides with the source module you already selected.

For example, if you choose the CAMERA 1 module as your source, make sure you select CAMERA 1 as well in the source of streamer one:

Dacast Platform - Stream Using VidBlasterX -CAMERA SOURCE

Once you are satisfied with these settings, you can click “START” to begin streaming. To preview your stream, return to your Dacast account and click on “Preview.”

To test your stream in a browser, you can also copy and paste the share code in your search bar. The video can take up to 50 seconds to come up online.

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