Understanding VOD File Basic Management

Video on Demand (VOD) is a popular way of delivering video content to users over the internet. To ensure an optimal viewing experience, several key factors must be considered, including storage, encoding, file size, compatibility, and delivery methods. File Transformations  “Why does Dacast transform my file?” When a file is uploaded to our system, it […]

Side Panel

Dacast’s side panel feature allows you to view your main features all on one window; eliminating the tedious task of clicking in and out of multiple windows causing you to lose track of your work amongst dozens of video uploads.  This feature organizes your workflow and keeps you on track.   Access the side panel You […]

VOD To Live

What is VOD to Live? Stream confidently and securely with our new VOD to Live feature. VOD to Live allows you to choose any of your videos, set it to a specific time and date, and go live without the use of an encoder.  So what is the difference between this and a regular VOD […]

Walkthrough: Encoder Setup Guide

  While setting up your live stream is easy, the encoder setup page is admittedly the most challenging step. For first-time users of the platform, it is understandable you may encounter some confusion. With this general guide, we provide you with the basic steps from within the platform, to make sure your live streaming experience […]