Dacast releases new public beta version of Auto-Archiving feature


Here at Dacast, we’re always working to make improvements to our service in order to better serve our users. Last week, we launched the beta version of one such new feature: the ability to auto-archive live streams.

When enabled, this means that your live streaming events will be automatically recorded and saved to your Dacast account as video-on-demand files. It’s easy, convenient, and automated. If the automatic system takes a few minutes, you also have the possibility to manually start the regarding directly from your Dacast account.

For broadcasters, this has some big advantages. For example, live streams can be made available for viewing right after the stream has finished. This can extend the length of your broadcast and maximize total viewer engagement. It can also create additional revenue if you choose to monetize your videos. Re-watching content is a great way to keep your live events rolling after the fact.

Another feature of this new functionality is that these recorded files can be easily downloaded to your computer. That allows you to edit, remix, and use previous live broadcast content on other platforms.

It also ensures your files are always available to you. Even if you choose not to record your live stream locally during streaming, this feature ensures you have access to recordings. It’s great for convenience since you can turn it on with a few clicks. It’s also good for peace of mind since every stream you select will be saved on redundant, server-grade hardware.

The ability to record and download your live streams to your account further expands the already powerful Dacast platform. The best news is that this public beta version is now included free with every Dacast plan!

To get access, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll enable the feature for your account.

How auto-archiving works

To turn on the auto-archiving feature, first contact Dacast’s Support Team. They’ll enable the feature for your account, and you’ll be ready to go.

Then, you’ll need to log in to your Dacast account and visit your dashboard. Click “publish settings” for the live channel(s) you wish to enable archiving for. If you don’t yet have a channel set up that you’d like to auto-archive, you can create a new one now.

Note that only channels with the following settings are supported at this time:

  • HTML5 channel type. Flash is not supported at this time.
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Audio codec: AAC
  • Maximum bit-rate: 3.5 Mbps (this data rate will support up to 1080p High Definition video)
  • Channel status: ON

If your channel meets those criteria, you’re ready to enable auto-archiving. Under the “publish settings” tab of your live stream channel, click the “Auto Archiving” slider to toggle it to “ON.”

Every live stream on this channel will now be automatically archived!  It is possible to overwrite the automatic system by manually starting the live recording. Note that auto archiving will continue until you turn stream off.
For more details check our dedicated tutorial here.

Data and storage

You should also note that auto-archiving uses bandwidth (the equivalent of one additional viewer) and storage space (equal to the bit-rate multiplied by the length of your stream).

Individual files recorded in this way are limited to 2 hours in length. If your stream continues for more than two hours, it will be divided into multiple files. Files are saved in the MP4 format.

Recorded streams can be found in the “Video On Demand” section of your Dacast account. They will be named automatically according to the channel name and date/time of the broadcast. You can easily rename files by clicking on their name.

To share these files, change their status to “ON” and copy the public link or embed code. These files have all the same features as standard Dacast videos, including support for monetization, geographic restrictions, and so on.
Our dedicated tutorial is available here.

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