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Video Monetization: How to Set up the Cleeng Paywall with Dacast

Dacast - Video Monetization and Paywall

Some Dacast users opt to use the Cleeng paywall for video monetization with Dacast. In order to use this paywall, you’ll need both Dacast and Cleeng accounts. If you are not already a Cleeng customer, you can register here. When is Cleeng Paywall More Useful than Dacast Paywall?  Dacast’s paywall provides an English-based, white-label paywall […]

Video Monetization: How Many Currencies Does Dacast Support?

Currently, Dacast’s video monetization tools and paywall support twenty-one currencies for viewer payments. If you do not see the currency you would like to use for your stream, no worry, as we can add additional currencies for you. To do so, contact us, and we will help set you up.  Note that we could help […]

Managing Different Currencies in the Dacast Paywall

A Managing Different Currencies in the Dacast Paywall The Dacast paywall manages different currencies to enhance the inclusivity of the platform. Here is how Dacasts monetization tools manage different currencies: STEP 1: Your viewers pay the pay-per-view or subscription price for your video content in whatever currency pricing you set up in your Dacast account. […]