How Many Promo Codes Can I Have for Pay-Per-View Streaming Monetization?


You can have up to 999,999 promo codes on your pay-per-view streaming pricing. This limit is per channel and not an account-wide limit on the Dacast’s pay-per-view streaming platform.

More on Video Monetization

Dacast’s secure paywall has made it easy for users to monetize their video content with both pay-per-view and subscription methods. 

In addition to these two video monetization models, Dacast also offers ad-based monetization which works very similarly to YouTube’s monetization structure.

The beauty Dacast is that you have the power to control how you monetize your content down to the smallest of characteristics on your paywall. With the help of player API, you can tweak and customize your secure paywall to best serve your audience.

In addition to the endless possibilities with API, the new paywall also comes equipped with some built-in features that include settings geared towards accommodations for global viewers.

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