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How To Stream To Dacast Using Switchboard Live (Multiple Destinations)

What is Switchboard Live? Switchboard Live is a video distribution platform allowing you to simultaneously live stream across your own streaming platform (such as Dacast) and all the most popular social media channels (such as Facebook and Youtube). Do you need a paying Switchboard Live account? Yes. The minimum cost is $35 per month (billed annually) […]

Auto-Archiving Beta Version Walkthrough (Legacy App)

  Hello Dacast Users: This post only applies to legacy Dacast accounts. In the current app it is known as Live Recording, and the full tutorial can be found here: Spanish version available here. Auto-Archiving allows you to record your live stream and share it as a video on demand (VOD). By keeping a record […]

How to Use vMix Streaming with Dacast

vMix offers a variety of products that are centered around video production.  This particular guide is focused on their Windows-only encoder: the vMix Live Production Software. For this tutorial, we are using version 24 of the software. To ensure your live streaming setup is compatible, check out our post on the minimum vMix system requirements. […]

How to Live Stream On Facebook with Dacast

  Many broadcasters choose to live stream over Facebook with Dacast in order to maximize their viewership. To do so, you have three options: use a social share code, use multi-destination streaming, or use Switchboard Live. Option 1: Dacast Multi-Destination Feature Simulcast enables you to stream on multiple platforms simultaneously. This guide will show you […]

Live Stream Encoder Configuration and Required Dacast Settings

  Introduction To Live Encoding To ensure your Dacast live stream is stable and fully functional, you MUST configure your encoder to use the settings defined on this page. These settings have been chosen to ensure the maximum compatibility with the Dacast platform as well as with newer and older devices that are used for […]