New End-to-end Affordable Low Latency Live Broadcasting Solution

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SAN FRANCISCONov. 27, 2018 — Now introducing Dacast HLS Direct, an end-to-end low latency live streaming solution. Designed to support any live event broadcast to all viewer devices, low latency live streaming with Dacast is more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Dacast users have access to the most straightforward and affordable approach to low latency streaming with our new direct HLS streaming encoding software. A lightweight application with a super-fast setup and free for everyone, this is an industry first. With end-to-end HLS streaming, viewers get access to lower latency, while maintaining compatibility with all devices. Enhance your streaming workflow today, with our free HLS-compatible encoder and HLS Direct live streaming.

Following the original iPhone release, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) made its industry debut about a decade ago. Today, all modern browsers and mobile devices have transitioned to HLS. A high-performance and more secure industry norm, HLS streaming lowers latency to 10 seconds or less. HLS streaming is also influencing the solidification of industry streaming standards under the Common Media Application Format (CMAF).

Based on OBS Studio (open-source RTMP encoder), our encoder is a powerful, lightweight application that fully supports both HLS and RTMP. All OBS production tools, mixing tools, extensions, and plugins are also supported. Supported on both Windows and Macs, HLS Direct requires only a small amount of CPU processing power and memory; in fact, it performs well even on consumer-grade computers. This is a huge improvement over existing HLS hardware and software encoders.

With only a video source and a consumer-grade laptop, broadcasters now have access to professional-quality HLS streaming. Simply download the free HLS-compatible encoder from Dacast platform, and then achieve a super-fast setup with preset encoder settings.

Since 2010, over 115,000 professional broadcasters and companies have entrusted Dacast with delivering VOD and live video content to audiences around the world. Dacast offers broadcasters professional video hosting and live streaming solutions–at very competitive prices. With our white-label platform, get access to a high performing player, monetization tools, real-time analytics, Limelight Networks CDN–and much more.

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