No, Dacast does not offer any discounts for certain types of organizations.

There isn’t a special rate for non-profits, schools, religious entities, or other organizations. The pricing found on the main page applies to all, although discounts are available through larger plan commitments.

If your organization has special streaming needs, we invite you to contact us to learn more about custom priced plans.

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Unfortunately, Mailinator and Yopmail setup are impossible for live streaming on Dacast because our system does not allow disposable email addresses like these. 

We recommend using legitimate emails like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. You can even use your own company email that uses your own domain.


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GB is an abbreviation for gigabytes, this is a measure of data generally used to specific storage space on a platform or as a level of traffic for bandwidth, and is equal to roughly one billion bytes, or 1,073,741,824 bytes to be exact. Another measure for a gigabyte is that it is traditionally equal to 1,024 megabytes (MB). Dacast does a simpler metric where a GB is equal to 1000 MB, and similarly, a TB is equal to 1000 GB.

In terms of how this relates to Dacast, there are two ways. The first is from bandwidth, which refers to the amount of traffic caused by streaming (higher audience and higher bitrate translate into more bandwidth being consumed). The second is from the amount of storage given to accounts, which is measured in terms of GB.

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As our main payment sources, Dacast supports both credit cards (all major credit cards accepted) and PayPal.

If you wish to purchase an event plan or an annual plan you can also pay by check or wire transfer. For wire transfer information please contact one of our sales representatives.

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For the “event plan” or any other Dacast plan, the bandwidth expires 12 months (1 year) after being purchased.

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