How to Use the 30-Minute Live Video Rewind Feature on Dacast

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30-minute rewind is a feature built into the new Dacast default player and in the Video JS5 based player. The 30-minute rewind feature is not available in the Video JS4 player.

With the 30-minute rewind feature, you can rewind, pause, and then fast-forward to catch back up to the live broadcast for up to 30 minutes.

What to Know About the 30 Minute Live Video Rewind Feature

  • Optional feature for all your HTML5 and m3u8 type of live channels
  • FREE at all plans levels and included in Dacast free trial
  • 30 minutes rewind feature is compatible with all encoders
  • It is NOT possible to rewind for more than 30 minutes. If a broadcaster needs to access more than 30min of the live stream, he can use Dacast auto-archiving feature to record the live event.
  • The 30 min rewind feature and the auto-archiving feature can both be used at the same time on the same live channel

*WARNING: Our CDN provider caches the recorded content that is now available via the new 30 minutes rewind feature. When the stream is stopped, this cached content remains available during the next 30 minutes. So if you start your live stream right after stopping it, you will see the cached content until the 30 minutes are over. To avoid this, purge your live streaming channel (see step 3).


Note: it is important to follow these 4 steps in the right order, to ensure a successful activation of the feature


The first step is to create a HTML5 live channel or a m3u8 live channel (the latter requires privilege in the account). You can also select an already existing HTML5 or M3U8 live channel.


It is very important to make sure you haven’t started your live stream in your encoder when turning ON the 30min rewind feature.

If you want to activate the 30min rewind feature on an already existing live channel, make sure to stop your stream in your encoder before turning the 30min rewind feature ON.

Once you have turned ON the 30min rewind feature, you can start again your stream in your encoder.

Please note that the 30min rewind feature takes a maximum of 2h to take effect.


To turn ON the 30min rewind feature,

    • Click ‘edit’ on the live channel on which you want to activate the 30min rewind feature
    • In the GENERAL section, scroll down to SETTINGS
    • Turn ON the 30min rewind feature
    • Click on the “purge live stream button”
    • Save
    • A confirmation popup will appear, to let you know that you have successfully purged your channel

live video 30 min rewind dacast


Now that you have activated the 30min rewind feature and purged your live channel if that was an already existing one, you can launch your stream in your encoder.

To do so, just click on the ‘Start streaming” button or icon of your software or hardware encoder.

Once the 30min rewind feature has been taken into account (2h), you should be able to access the previous seconds of your stream.

The more you stream, the more time is added up to the count down until you reach 30min.


NOTE: The action ON/OFF will purge the channel but this can take up to 3minutes.

If 3 minutes after you have started to stream, you still see the cached recorded content, contact our 24/7 customer support.

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