How to Add a Watermark to Video Content with Encoding Recipes

Video Encoding and Transcoding
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Adding a watermark or logo to video content on Dacast is very straightforward. If you want to add a watermark to your live video stream or VOD content, you’ll have to set this up as part of your encoding recipe.

You have the option to upload an image and put it as your watermark on your video when creating your encoding recipe. This is done to help prevent plagiarism.

Encoding recipes allow you to encode your videos as they upload so they can be played immediately.

In order to do this, you must start by going to the “Settings” tab of your Dacast dashboard. Under “Encoding,” you will then see the option to create an encoding recipe.

Dacast platform - encoding recipes

Once you click “Create Recipe,” you will be redirected to this window where you have the option to upload an image to be your watermark on your video.

Dacast platform - create recipe watermark


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