Wired vs. Wireless Internet: Which is Better for Live Streaming?

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Wired vs Wireless Internet Connection

Internet connection is something important to take into consideration when trying to maintain a high-quality live stream. When it comes to an internet connection for live streaming on your website, wired internet is a much better option.

The reason for this is that important and critical broadcasts should be using a dedicated internet connection, like a wired internet connection, to ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery of your live stream.

Connection via Ethernet to a network that is not being used by any other system or device is the best way to go. Of course, wireless works, but it’s well known for having inconsistent speeds, sometimes dropping a lot in terms of overall performance. This can cause “sputters” in a live stream, especially if it’s set at higher bitrates.

Which Method to Use for Live Streaming

Using wireless internet for streaming also increases the likelihood of stream failure, whether it be from signal interference or even environmental factors.

Testing Upload Speed

Before broadcasting, we recommend confirming your upload speed. By doing this, it will allow you to properly select the quality at which you are able to do your live stream.

You can test your connection at https://testmy.net/  The takeaway here is that wired internet is the best live streaming connection.

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2 thoughts on “Wired vs. Wireless Internet: Which is Better for Live Streaming?

    • Harmonie Duhamel says:

      Hi Arthur, no difference really. What usually affects the Dacast bandwidth/data is the number of viewers and how long they will watch the live stream. The connectivity between wireless or wired has varying upload speeds and network reliability, thus limiting the bit rate and quality of the live stream. Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

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