Is the Dacast Live Streaming Solution available in Canada?

Yes, Dacast uses a worldwide content delivery network in order to send streams to viewers. This includes both live and on-demand services.

This is due to the CDN connection that Dacast utilizes (Limelight Networks), which has a server presence all over the world.


Limelight Networks’ interconnection policy seeks to enhance its global connectivity to other networks. Interconnection with any partner network should be mutually beneficial and meet certain technical criteria. Limelight Networks practices a ‘selective’ peering policy. Due to their peering program, Limelight Networks, Inc. operates AS 22822 as its global backbone network but also has other ASNs in specific regions and markets. Limelight’s Interconnect markets and respective ASNs include Canada.

According to CDN Intelligence Reports, the global mobile Content Delivery Network (CDN) market is predicted to reach US$70.3 billion by 2025. This is indicative of the continued growth of online video content, increasing the use of Internet services, and the rise of mobile web access.

Best Practices: 

Always go to and click on the “Upload Speed Test” tab before starting to live stream to check out the available bandwidth you have for streaming. You should set your streaming bit rate to 75% or less of the reported Upload Speed and everything should be fine.

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