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WPH Live Case Study

Using DaCast, World Players of Handball (WPH Live) broadcasts Pay Per View live feeds and on demand videos worldwide. They generate revenue from an integrated paywall contained inside the video player. This allows WPH Live to generate sales directly from their own website. Want to learn more about the World Players of Handball? Visit their website.

Christ’s Commission Fellowship Case Study

Using DaCast, Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) provides live and on demand broadcasting worldwide. They are able to offer this directly from their website. Live video streaming content is broadcast to 85 different countries using the CDN approach of DaCast. This allows them to offer high quality video to viewers regardless of their location. The improved performance […]

ComeSeeTv Case Study

ComeSeeTv is a partner with DaCast. This enables them to provide streaming platform solutions to different firms around the world as well as to promote Dominica and the entire Caribbean region. ComeSeeTv offers several services to their clients, all around the aspect of video content. These services including live streaming, video advertising, video recording and video conferencing. […]

Evangelized Network Case Study

Using DaCast, Evangelized Network is a valued partner for houses of worship. They resell streaming media services, including live broadcasting and also playlist video content. This allows the churches to keep connected with their audience from Evangelized Network’s portal. Want to learn more about Evangelized Network? Visit their website.

Hemingway Elementary School Case Study

Using DaCast, Ernest Hemingway Elementary School provides live broadcasting to hundreds of children in a closed network each day. They depend on the secure embed live video stream features to present content to students and faculty. Restriction settings create a secure and safe streaming environment for teaching students. Want to learn more about the Ernest Hemingway Elementary […]

That VidBlaster Guy! Case Study

Using DaCast, That VidBlaster Guy! produces over 50 live shows a year. Produced every Wednesday, live video streaming is watched by over 40 countries. Thousands of viewers tune in to the broadcast as well.  The program is a self-role model for how to offer one awesome broadcast each week using the VidBlaster encoder. That VidBlaser Guy! […]

TV-Polmusic Case Study

Utilizing DaCast’s streaming platform, TV-Polmusic is able to introduce professional musical content to a global audience while restricting access to their website. TV-Polmusic specializes in highlight Polish music artists. They feature a variety of music video content that is continuously streamed from their website, 24/7. The company also goes by the name “Polish Music Television Network” […]

Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center Case Study

With DaCast, the Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center provides live video streaming to a large audience. Their live broadcasts are capturing the attention of thousands inside and outside the US. Lake Junaluska boasts audiences of over 30,000 with a growing viewership. They takes advantage of DaCast’s CDN connections to stream the content reliably to their […]

Television Mobile Resources Case Study

Using DaCast, Television Mobile Resources offers live video streaming as a component of their services. The event plan, styled around Pay As You Go, is perfect for their varying use. The lack of monthly commitments make it easy to schedule projects as they arrive. The CDN aspect of DaCast allows them to support huge, worldwide audiences […]

Cowhead TV Case Study

Through using DaCast’s live video streaming, Cowhead TV provides real time broadcasting worldwide from a self-service system that works with the last minute demands of live programming. Cowhead TV offers 24 hour live streaming content that is broadcast from the Mike Calta Radio Show studio. They currently offer a free version of the program that is done […]