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EasyLive Cloud Video Editing Guide

Looking for an EasyLive cloud video editing guide? We walk through using the sophisticated, cloud based platform in tandem with the DaCast live streaming solutions. This tutorial is intended to show off some of how to connect your DaCast account and content to EasyLive, along with showcasing some of the features of the platform. What is […]

Wirecast Cam App Guide: Live Streaming on iOS

Looking for a quick fire Wirecast Cam app guide? This walkthrough will take you through the various steps in order to begin live video streaming using the app. What’s Required Installing the Wirecast Cam app Getting Started App Settings Selecting the Wirecast Cam Inside the Encoder Advantages of Wirecast Cam App What’s Required To begin, […]

How to Do a Live Webcast with Multiple Cameras

Wondering how to do a live webcast with multiple cameras? Using DaCast and Wirecast, you can easily do a live broadcast, even in high definition. Music producer Calzo Houdini has laid out everything you need in a perfect guide on how to live stream video. First, we would highly recommend reading Calzo’s original blog on the […]

Cloud Video Transcoding / Encoding for Business

How can you provide the best possible video streaming quality to your viewers? This has long been a serious challenge for broadcasters. In one study, 63 percent of viewers cited buffering issues as their most serious problem when watching online video. And when viewers have quality problems, they tend to leave your website and not come back. […]

Prevent Multiple Logins for Pay Per View

Looking for a way to prevent multiple logins for Pay Per View? You have come to the right place. DaCast has developed securities that will prevent viewers from sharing login access. This will stop people from watching video content simultaneously with only one registered buy. This will protect both subscription and Pay Per View video content. […]

SMSA Coptic Orthodox Church Case Study

Using DaCast’s video streaming services, St. Mary & St. Antonios (SMSA Coptic Orthodox Church) lets individuals remotely attend liturgies, weddings and other important services held at the Church’s multiple locations. They broadcast live stream events with no commercial interruption and great video quality to its followers who can watch anywhere around the world. Want to learn […]

SMB Market For Paid Video Streaming Services

This white paper details the small and medium size business market for paid video streaming services. It includes outside research and DaCast user data. An extensive study on the viability and profitability of the small and medium size business (SMB) market for paid online video platforms. Looks at the current market, including the sectors people […]

Success Story: VideoHUB & Pay Per View Live Streaming

Using DaCast, VideoHUB offers Pay Per View live streaming to its clients. The paywall solution is integrated inside the player. This allows them to embed the video player directly on their client’s site. Viewers can then purchase right from the page from the paywall using PayPal or credit card. This brings a new source of revenue […]

CDFL Case Study

Using DaCast’s video streaming services, CDFL (Collegiate Development Football League) is able to offer seamless live streaming to a wider audience. Using the built-in player paywall, the organization is able to use Pay Per View monetization on their video content to earn new revenues. Want to learn more about the CDFL? Visit their website.