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SRT vs. Other Protocols: Is Secure Reliable Transport For You?

Secure reliable transport can be used for your streaming needs

American consumers spend $200 billion every month on video streaming. According to Deloitte research, Americans spend almost as much time streaming content as they spend working. That’s why businesses try making video content as accessible to consumers as possible. In the world of online video streaming, there are a lot of different protocols and technologies […]

The Pros and Cons of Using MKV vs. MP4 for Video Streaming

As a professional broadcaster or live streamer, you must understand the technology that makes or breaks your content. Choosing the appropriate video streaming format is part of that learning curve. A hotly debated topic in the world of streaming is the choice between two video formats: MKV vs. MP4. Streamers often need help deciding which […]

10 Best Video CMS (Content Management Systems) in 2022

10 Best Video CMS in 2022

Video content has taken over as the primary source of communication, not just in the entertainment industry but also in the corporate world. Almost 80% of daily content consumption by internet users includes videos. The popularity of platforms like TikTok, Youtube, Netflix, etc., has guided content creators, businesses, and organizations to use videos as a […]

What Is a Video Codec: Everything You Need to Know About It


During the 2020 pandemic, while most of the world went into lockdown, streaming services saw record numbers regarding new subscribers and hours watched. According to Nielsen research, streaming went up nearly 100%. The surge in streaming forced all major streaming platforms to agree on limiting their video content to 480p to preserve internet bandwidth for […]

Top 10 Video Hosting Sites in 2022

Top 10 Video Hosting Sites in 2022

Online video content has a whopping 92% audience reach around the globe. That includes everything from music videos to tutorials to marketing content. Part of the reason we’re so attracted to video content is because of its story-telling element. Historically, storytelling has been our preferred means of communication. It’s always been a binding force for […]

DRM Video Encryption: How Is Video DRM Making Your Content Safer Online?

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed the famous Kentucky fried chicken is bound to ask, “what’s in there?” after their first bite. What’s in it exactly remains a secret to this day, though.  The secrecy around the notoriously well-guarded recipe is next level. According to urban legend, the founder of KFC, Harland Sanders, went to extreme lengths […]