Navigating the Dacast Onboarding

To ensure users make the most of their experience, Dacast offers a user-friendly onboarding process that acts as a guiding beacon through the platform’s features. In this article, we will explore the Dacast onboarding, shedding light on how you can effortlessly navigate through the platform and unlock its full potential. Accessing the Onboarding Flows When […]

Explore audio solutions on Dacast

Audio on Dacast Dacast is more geared towards video streaming, but it is possible to set up live streaming and on-demand audio streaming, as well. The Dacast platform enables you to create audio live streams and upload audio to the platform. Here we will show you the different methods by which you can use your […]

How to use the CNAME domain feature?

To take our white label system further, we now offer broadcasters the option of using one of a number of public Cnames rather than in your player embed codes and links, ensuring that Dacast domains are hidden from anyone casual inspecting of your web page.  This is particularly useful for resellers of our streaming […]