What You Should Know about Dacast’s API Developer Portal

Navigate through Dacast’s API documentation with our new API Developer Portal.  Here you will find how to obtain an API key, make your first API call, test Dacast’s endpoints, be guided through the main use cases such as uploading videos, creating livestreams, playlists and more!   You can access the API Developer Portal on the […]

Easily Export Your Vimeo Videos to Your Dacast Account

Do you have videos on Vimeo that you want to move to Dacast? You can easily transfer all the videos you have stored on your Vimeo account without downloading or uploading anything using our Vimeo Migration Tool.  Vimeo Migration Tool Our Vimeo Migration Tool will allow us to pull all of the content from your […]

What Is MTR (My Traceroute) And How to Use It?

MTR is similar to other tools such as Traceroute. However, an MTR report will provide more information on each “hop” your connection makes. While generating the MTR report you will see the hops and all of their related information update in real-time. You can then use this report as an in-the-moment monitoring tool if you […]

Where Can People View My Video Live Stream from Dacast?

Your audience can view videos and live streams from your Dacast account on both desktops and mobile devices. They can access the streams in three different ways: your website, social media, and with a direct link. All of these options require that you access the GENERAL tab in your Dacast portal. 1. Your Website You […]