Where Can People View My Video Live Stream from Dacast?

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Your audience can view videos and live streams from your Dacast account on both desktops and mobile devices. They can access the streams in three different ways: your website, social media, and with a direct link.

All of these options require that you access the GENERAL tab in your Dacast portal.

video live stream - sharing setup

1. Your Website

You can make your live stream available on your website using the Embed Code found on the left side (as per the screenshot above). 

You will need to add this Embed Code to your website on the pages you want the video player to appear on.

2. Social Media

Using the Share Link found on the right side (as per the screenshot above), you can share your video content directly to Twitter or Facebook. 

To do this create a wall post (for Facebook) or a tweet (for Twitter), and insert the code into the post. When posted, an image with a play icon will appear. Someone can click this to have a video player appear. 

Please note that, unless a prior arrangement with Facebook is done, you can not embed monetized content on the network.

Also, note that users on Twitter just click on the link to access its video content.

3. Direct link you can also send your viewers a direct link to the video content. This can be done by copying the Share Link and distributing it. Many broadcasters distribute this link via email blasts. 

Viewers can use this link to view the live stream in their web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)

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6 thoughts on “Where Can People View My Video Live Stream from Dacast?

  1. Anastasios says:

    Hi, i need help with pricing.
    My needs are for live streaming conference meetings.
    Live streaming 1080p
    From 3hours to 10hours per event
    From 1 viewer to 50 viewers per event
    From 1 event untill 5 events per month
    Can i pay every time i need live streaming and if yes how can i calculate the cost before the conference starts if i know how many the viewer are and the total length.
    Also if we use your platform i will advertise you to my website as my live streaming platform provider.

    Thanks a lot

    • Harmonie Duhamel says:

      Thank you for your message Anastasios. My Colleague Gary contacted you directly by email today. If you need anything else, feels free to contact us at any time. Have a great weekend!

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