Video Tutorial: How to Live Stream with OBS Studio

  This video tutorial How to Live Stream with OBS Studio will explain step-by-step how to start live streaming on a Dacast live channel using the classic OBS Studio broadcasting software with integrated encoding features. For a faster and easier setup, we recommend using the Dacast custom version of OBS Studio, available for free in your […]

VOD To Live

What is VOD to Live? Stream confidently and securely with our new VOD to Live feature. VOD to Live allows you to choose any of your videos, set it to a specific time and date, and go live without the use of an encoder.  So what is the difference between this and a regular VOD […]

Video Tutorial: How to Live Stream with OBS Studio for Mac

Are you preparing to live stream on your website using OBS Studio on your Mac? Before you begin, we recommend checking out our video tutorial on how to live stream with OBS Studio using a Mac. What is Encoding? Not familiar with encoding? Encoding is a process used to convert the RAW video files captured by […]