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How to Embed a Video on Wix via Dacast

Embedding players via Dacast is easy. When you embed a video on Wix website, be sure to use the iframe embed code. This is found under “General” > “Sharing” on each individual piece of content. Next, go to your Wix site. Click “Add” > “Apps” > “HTML” > “HTML code.” From there, simply copy and […]

How to Link Google Analytics to Your Dacast Analytics

  Before we get started, please be sure that you have both a Google Analytics account and an active Dacast account.   Linking your Google Analytics to your Dacast account is a convenient way to collect more data on your streaming video traffic and enhance the built-in Dacast analytics. Together, these tools will offer you […]

Does Dacast Support Multi-Bitrate Streaming on Live Videos?

Yes, Dacast fully supports multi-bitrate streaming on live videos and video-on-demand content. The Dacast player detects automatically the different bitrates of your live stream and allows the viewer to choose between them. This must be set up in your encoder directly. Also, in order to support multi-bitrates streaming, you need an internet connection that has […]

How to Stream Using ManyCam RTMP Server

  ManyCam is an RTMP encoder that is compatible with Dacast for live streaming. What is RTMP? RTMP stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol, and it is part of the technology that makes live streaming possible. The predecessor of Adobe originally developed this Transmission Control Protocol-based technology to work with the Adobe Flash player. In this […]